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Zing!  Two Types of Dating Profile Headlines (Guaranteed To Grab Attention and Get Results)

Zing! Two Types of Dating Profile Headlines (Guaranteed To Grab Attention and Get Results)


Grab It!

Take it from us, we've seen just about every drab, typical, and downright cringe-worthy dating profile headline and tagline out there. While most people are hesitant to stand out from the crowd, we put our money on attracting the type of person you're interested in by putting your personality out there and letting it shine by using our two proven strategies.

Lubricate your creative juices by reading our popular piece on The Best and Worst of Dating Profile Headlines  and then smash your dating competition by trying the whole enchilada.

Type #1:  Lights, Camera: ACTION AND EMOTION!

Tip: Include punchy, or emotion-based words and phrases that grab attention and entice the reader to delve deeper.

Headline Example:  *Kick-Ass Paella-Maker Seeks Intrepid Taster

Life isn't always about the final dish of paella; It's also about the process. Shopping for those perfect little bi-valves and freshest spices and produce means having fun roaming around my neighborhood farmers market and seafood shop. Top all that off with a bottle of chilled white, some awesome music, grab some friends, and you're combining some my fav interests. I've created a home I love to hang in, but but adventure is my middle name. Ask me about my recent trip to Maui where I finally experienced what snorkeling next to a sea turtle was all about.

Examples of zingy headline language that draws you in:

  • energetic
  • epic
  • essential
  • excellent
  • fantastic
  • kick-ass*
  • free
  • fabulousity (go ahead and make up your own words)
  • gorgeous
  • inspire
  • mind-blowing
  • ultimate
  • zing

 Type #2:  Funny, Witty or Clever Taglines

We can't tell you how many times we've heard people whine, "I just want to find someone who I can laugh with".  While that may not be all you're looking for, creating a witty or funny tagline attracts people who also like to laugh, have an optimistic personality, and appreciate your outlook and disposition.  Since most people don't have anything other than the typical yawnfest headline-- i.e. "Loves to Samba", or "Seeking Mr Right",  anything with humor tends to attract some attention. It doesn't have to be stand-up comedy; a witty twist is enough.


"Brilliant Novelist Wanna-Be Searching For Muse"

"Shirt On In Profile Pics"

"Dyslexic Guy Walks Into A Bra"

"Eats the Middle of My Oreo First!" or "Eats The Center of my Reeses First!"

"What If There Were No Hypothetical Questions?" ~Steve Carlin~

Weave Your Headline Into The Dating Profile Narrative

After grabbing attention by using colorful, action/emotion based words, or using clever taglines, make sure that it makes contextual sense.

Unusual and eye catching headline: 



Sigh.. I admit that I find binary code sexy (Click here to decipher code here) and get off on activities which challenge the brain as well as the body. I think I tend to break the stereotype of the math/code nerd by also rowing crew, building tree houses, and learning Japanese. You don't need to be a math wizard to capture my attention, but the girl I see myself with has her own unique fascinations and activities.

This type of unusual headline illustrates our point about not being afraid to be different. Even if the reader had no idea what this bizarre string of numbers was this odd headline functions as an invitation to open up the profile and delve deeper.  The fellow in our example links quickly to a binary code translator where the reader can determine that the headline reads, "Made ya look!".   Make up your own unique headline, whether using colorful or action oriented words/phrasing, or clever, humorous phrases.

For more tips on profile writing, we do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to!



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