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Online Dating for Geeks: Review of gk2gk.com

Online Dating for Geeks: Review of gk2gk.com


Geeks, meet your match!

Hello!?  GEEK: ONLINE DATING :: Peanut Butter: Chocolate

Seriously, what could be more perfect to meet your geek match than through a geek niche dating website?

A geek is generally someone that has expertise in certain subjects that most people either aren't particularly knowledgeable in  or particularly care about, such as Star Wars, comics, anime, or gaming. There are also drama, literature, computer/technology geeks, and so on. Many geeks are forthcoming about their less than perfect social skill sets, and obsession with subject areas.

In any case, the Dating Gurus were happy to discover Geek 2 Geek, which was founded around 2004, and won About.com's voter award for niche dating websites in 2012. The Gk2Gk creators recognized how difficult it is to meet other single geeks through traditional dating websites, and created a site which targets people with the same interests and similar personality profiles. Age search parameters are pre-set on 18-50, but a member may override this.

How It Works


Here, geeks use a sophisticated method to score matches, since the traditional scoring algorithms don't prioritize the things geeks consider most important. The geek user gets to personally prioritize their top 3 criteria, so matches can be ranked according to individual priorities.

We like the layout of the member profile, which is similar to OkCupid's. The Geek member inputs a few pics, a catchy headline, and vital stats. Many members post pics of themselves in costumes or doing favored geeky activities. Other members can rate you from 0-5 stars. The member can post a video of themselves and link to their blog (only visible to other paid members).  Other available information includes educational level, relationship and employment status, political views, body type, and favorite video games, books, movies, music, special areas of interest (which assist with other member's searches), personality type, and whether they'd be willing to relocate.

Last, there is a narrative self-description category, as well as a match description category. These are often hilarious, clever, and witty.

Other fun features including a Geek Goddess (the Dear Abby of Geekiness). The general tone of the site is light hearted, fun, and.. well... geeky!

Price of Membership

Like most dating websites, it's free to sign up on Gk2Gk and check out the site and its features, but to interact on the site, you will need to subscribe to one of the following membership plans:

gk2gk cost

Prospective members join for free and can enjoy access to the largest online dating site for geeks. As a free member, you'll be able to create a profile, post photos, conduct searches, send and receive winks, and benefit from a unique matching system that sifts through all the choices and delivers potential matches directly to your inbox.

Subscribing to Geek 2 Geek gives you access to a set of tools that will "help you find the relationship you want".  As a subscriber, you can receive and reply to messages from other Geek 2 Geek subscribers, chat with and send messages with other subscribers, link t0 and read member's blogs, and remove members from search results in order to make room for better matches. Unfortunately, like all paid dating websites, you must first go through the gyrations of registering as a fee member to determine the cost for various subscriptions, and to determine accessible features.

What we Like:

  • The niche specific site content
  • colorful member base
  • ability to create an individualized profile
  • ability to access member's blogs
  • easy interface
  • light and casual, fun-factor
  • reasonable price

The Dating Guru's rating: A

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