We're just like you.  We connected through an online dating service--OK Cupid, to be exact.  Our first date was at a fun Seattle tapas-and-sangria bar.  We fell in love.  We are engaged to be married.  We know that you, too, can find love.  Let us help you.

Men!  About Those Dating Profile Pictures...

Men! About Those Dating Profile Pictures...

You found yourself on our website because you're looking for some free advice about getting dates. So take our advice, and think about the following:

1. Please, Please, Please, no standing in front of your bathroom mirror's florescent light in your shorts or skivvies, shirtless, holding your smartphone.


Cringe. You, holding your phone out in frongt of you to capture your buff bod, tanned like Sylvester Stallone, boxers oh-so-subtley peeking out of your jeans or your shorts while making the gangsta-face will not win you the girl. Well, at least not the kind of girl you are hoping to meet, we're guessing.

However, if you insist on a shirtless pic, the Dating Gurus would so much rather you show a beach pic, taken in natural light, in a setting where you are supposed to be shirtless. Less obvious and more modest while still getting the message across about your washboard abs.

2. Keep your photos recent.

How would you like to go out with a girl who represented herself as a certain age, and showed up bearing little resemblance to the person in the profile photos? Using an old picture of yourself is most assuredly going to backfire. Within 5 seconds of meeting you, your date is going to feel lied to and pissed. One of the dating gurus was attracted to a well-written profile and the 6 pictures that Casey, an ex Air Force pilot posted on PlentyofFish. After a few phone calls, the two arranged to meet at a local watering hole. Our guru almost pitched backwards off the bar stool when an older gentleman walked in and introduced himself as Casey. No surprise that Casey ended up having other integrity issues as well. Date over.

 3. No Photos of You With Your Ex or with Someone's Arm Hanging Over Your Shoulder.


Your potential dates can only assume that the disembodied arm hanging over your shoulder in your profile pic is your ex-girlfriend or wife.

Even if its your sister.

Even worse are the pics of you out clubbing with girls wrapped around you. While you might be including this pic so we can all see how desirable you are, it's actually rather rude.  We want to picture ourselves with you, without having to do a mental cut-n-paste.

 4. Truth in Pictures (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

All of us have things that we wish were different about ourselves.. Still, taking all of your profile pictures with a baseball cap to hide baldness, or taking only head shots if you're vertically challenged or heavy may temporarily work, but your date is no dummy.

Psst! She will see the reality of your perceived shortcomings as soon as you meet.

Do yourself a favor, and show at least one pic of you with whatever it is you are uncomfortable with.

Lots of women find baldness sexy, and there are women out there who may be a bit out of shape themselves and don't need you to be an Adonis.

5. For The Shorter Guys:

Image from The Sequential Crush

Image from The Sequential Crush

While it is true that man shorter men do have a tougher time meeting woman online, there are definitely women out there who respond to a confident approach. List your real height and prepare to be extra pro-active in your search for women, since their own search parameters may not include your height. Lots of ladies make exceptions for an amazing guy. If tempted to s-trrrretch the truth, see #4 above. The Truth Will Out when you do meet in person, whether it's height, weight, or your arms covered with tattoos. 

Passion in Relationships

Passion in Relationships

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